overwerked, under ‘preciated

November 15th, 2011 (23:48 EST) · 1 comment

Originally, Edmond Huszar was a graphic designer, working freelance and on a few side projects he had organized into a portfolio entitled “overworked”. But in a turn of “pure fate and experimentation,” the 22-year-old discovered he possessed a knack for music production, dropped his design career, and took up a DJ name that would pay homage to both his beginnings as well as the inspiration to his future, his icons, the bass-heavy, German electronic band Kraftwerk.

“Less Go Over Werk It” shows off a bit of his dubstep and mashup skills (sweet transition at 1’45”), while “Buzzin’,” a hot new single off his forthcoming EP, The Nth°, is straight-up Overwerk stylin’, plain and simple.

♬ Overwerk – Less Go Over Werk It
♬ Overwerk – Buzzin’

And in case you weren’t impressed enough, some of the remixes he’s produced are even more magnificent…

★ Wolfgang Gartner – Space Junk (OVERWERK Remix)
♬ Mord Fustang – Magic Trooper (OVERWERK Remix)

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