Deadmau5 : THE 4D CONCERT

November 29th, 2011 (00:17 EST) · Got a Comment?

HOLY CRAP. Apologies on behalf of Nokia’s crappy internet distribution, but wait till you see what a little Deadmau5 can add to the months work Drive Productions spent animating the side of the 1960s iconic Millbank Building in London, England:

♬ Deadmau5 – Aural Psynapse (2nd Edit)
♬ Deadmau5 – Aural Psynapse (Myndset Remix)

Fitting 800 screens to the building’s river-facing windows, 25 department heads directed teams of 20 each to assemble the massive animation, which lasts just four minutes but took over three months to create.

Three black D3 servers will power 16 precisely lined-up projectors – each fitted with specially imported lenses – to beam the illumination across the Thames and cover the entire length and width of the 118-meter building.(more)

Leaves were shaken from trees near the building; lampposts nearby, extinguished; traffic, stopped. And just to add to the spectacle, the Mau5 King joined in, premiering two new ragin’ tracks just for the occasion… Damn, you lucky brits!

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