EVENT: Sphongletron 3.0

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I will never forget the first time I heard Shpongle perform: the sun was rising over the Baltimore waterfront during the last couple hours of Starscape and just as I was losing steam, a crowd was forming around the main stage. The combination of psychadelic trance, ambient music, and world sounds completely blew me away while their intricately built stage – aptly called Shpongletron – held me captivated for the full 90 minute set. Above is just a glimpse at the production of their first ever stage. Simon just announced a stacked spring tour to promote their new album “Museum of Consciousness” that includes a brand-new Sphongletron 3.0 stage set-up. A definite MUST-SEE if you can get yourself to any of their shows — see where Simon is touring at ShpongleMusic.com!

the genre killer

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13-11-18 ta-ku

One of my favorite aspects of electronic music gaining popularity is the influx of genre-merging. Many producers, such as Australia’s Ta-Ku, stem from a different musical background and are bringing a fresh perspective to the worn-out “eat sleep rave repeat”. Ta-ku can cut ‘n’ chop hip hop beats like nobody’s business, and takes a refreshingly groovy spin on electronic tracks. Check out his take on the UK electronic duo, AlunaGeorge:

★ AlunaGeorge – Best Be Believing (Ta-ku Remix)

His debut album Songs to Break Up To showcases Ta-Ku’s softer side and reminds us that electronic music can break away from big-room drops and oozy soul. My favorite song from his album is “We Were in Love”, a lo-fi lounge track with addicting vocal loops…

♬ Ta-Ku – We Were In Love

PREMIERE POST: moombah’selffff

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NB: Please welcome miz GLaydee to the hard-syncing team!

In 2007, Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom merged in an amazing allegiance that came to be known as producer-duo Nadastrom. With their wildly-popular Moombahton Massive events each month at the local U Street Music Hall, these moombah afiociandos have earned their keep. This track made the rounds this festival season, but its tribal vocals and hypnotic drop make me twerk it to the floor everytime.

★ Nadastrom – I!!

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