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14-05-31 here for you bingo

Unless you were living under an EDM-proof rock, you heard about the passing of Paul Baumer, half the crowd-poppin’ Bingo Players DJ duo, late last year to cancer. After taking some time to grieve, his surviving half Maarten Hoogstrate has taken to the decks again to continue their dreams of making people dance everywhere. Check out this nostalgic yet bangin’ new track, Here for You…

★ Gorgon City – Here For You (Bingo Players Remix)

a raver’s wet dream

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♬ Bingo Players – Buzzcut (Original Mix)

Just out a few hours ago is this latest track from Bingo Players. Just can’t get enough. When is their next show? Yea, I’ll be there…

MIX: trap-happy [updated]

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A two-part mix to bring old and new trap to your inbox. Featuring the ever-popular Candyland and Dillon Francis among a slew of other swag-worthy deejs, this mix’ll make you swing low till your legs are fit to break. Push aside moombah, trap’s here…

Update (7/24): Whoops, forgot this must-have remix of the Bingo Players’ infamous “Rattle” by the sick DJ Luminox. The Candyland remix is filthy too.



Stream this and all my other mixes at!

Part One — Must-Haves

★ Dillon Francis – Masta Blasta (THE REBIRTH)
★ RL Grime – Trap On Acid Repeat post! Damn, son!
★ Flosstradamus – Lana’s Theme…
★ Kanye West – Mercy (RL Grime & Salva Remix)
♬ Nicki Minaj – Beez In The Trap (Mister Gray Mo’ Trap Remix)
♬ Baauer – Harlem Shake

Part Two — Up-and-Comers

★ Coolio – Gangsters Paradise (Candyland’s OG Remix)
★ Bingo Players – Rattle (Luminox Remix)
♬ Peking Duk – I Love To Rap (What So Not Remix)
★ Zedd – Spectrum (Vass ‘Run The Trap’ Remix)
★ Eric Prydz – 2Night (Mighty Mi & Slugworth Bird Trap Mix)
♬ Katy Perry – Wide Awake (gLAdiator Trap Refix)
♬ Derek Sabiston – Move Your Body (ft. Marshall Jefferson)

give me Candy [updated]

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Formed just this past April, Candyland, aka 19 year old Cali producer-DJs Ethan Davis and Josie Martin, are already monsters on the remix scene. This “Sandstorm” redub has to be one of the greatest things I’ve ever heard, and the “Rattle” mix isn’t far behind. One of the best womps I’ve ever encountered.

★ Darude – Sandstorm (Candyland’s OG Remix)
★ Bingo Players – Rattle (Candyland Remix)

Bingo Players rig the decks [updated links]

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♬ Bingo Players – Cry (Just a Little) (Original Mix)
— MOOMBAH version here

Well wouldja look who else is visiting… Paul Bäumer and Maarten Hoogstraten! Hehe… BINGO PLAYERS! In case you haven’t Bingo Players heard these crazy kids, check out their fun-as-hell promo vid above. Then download these bangers, and quick snatch up a ticket to Pacha for March 9th!

★ Bingo Players – Mode (Original Mix)
♬ David Guetta ft. Kid Cudi – Memories (Bingo Players Remix)

moombah fire [updated]

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Moombahton is slowed down electronic music, at about 108 beats/minute. It started with a kid DJ Dave Nada (now of Nadastrom fame) remixing Afrojack’s “Moombah” a little more slowly, causing his party to go topsy-turvy in love. The trend to slow it down quickly caught on and the relaxed, samba beat DJs are giving these formerly-rushed and digitally-quickened rhythms is perfect for turning our favorite pop tunes into even more danceable jams.

Really meant to send this out in time for your Saturday night (sorry Alex!) but was dancing my ass off at Fall Massive… (holy crap, recap to follow). For now, moombah onnn!

♬ Bingo Players – Cry (Just A Little) (gLAdiator Remix)

♬ Robin S – Show Me Love (Morrison Remix)

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