EVENT: Veld Fest — here it comes! [updated]

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Here it comes!!! Enjoy the latest from Sir Deadmau5

♬ Deadmau5 – There Might Be Coffee (Original Mix)

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mashup mercoledì

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Two good teamwork productions for ya in this continuation of my irregular wednesday mashup series (see mashup mercredi and mashup miércoles). The first I found accidentally when I typoed “Bauer” instead of “Baauer” while trap-searching; the second, a much more recently-produced mash led by Canadian DJ Imanos found lurking in the charts of the Hype Machine. That place is like the Department of Mysteries, you don’t know what you’ll find the deeper you go.

★ Arno Cost, Daft Punk, Adrian Lux, Temper Trap – One More Disposition While Doing Crime (Bauer & Lanford Bootleg)
♬ Tune in Tokyo vs. Nadia Ali, Starkillers & Alex Kenji vs. R3hab – Ray Of Pressure Bottle Song (Imanos & Jack Sword Bootleg)

Robotaki sock-it-to-meh

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If there was one thing to be learnt from Camp Bisco this past weekend, it was that dance music is very much alive; in between the typical Bisco jamband sets came electronically-powered remix artists and their preconceived track lists–though it meshed perfectly. One such dance maestro (though not at Bisco, sadly) is 21-year-old Canadian and third-year McGill student Robotaki, who’s been producing some of the most danceable remixes I’ve heard in awhile. He most recently made headlines with his spectacular remix of the ever-popular Penguin Prison

★ Penguin Prison – Fair Warning (Robotaki Remix)
★ Shinichi Osawa – Love Will Guide You feat. Tommie Sunshine (Robotaki Remix)
♬ DJ Shadow (ft. Little Dragon) – Scale It Back (Robotaki Remix)
★ Daft Punk – Derezzed (Robotaki Remix)

MIX: give us a smile

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How ’bout a lil’ minimix to kickstart what looks to be a   b e a utiful weekend?!

DOWNLOAD THE ZIP for a special bonus preview

Milo & Otis

Self-described “two dudes from Afratca,” the mysterious Milo & Otis (yes, that’s actually their group’s name) created this lovely reincarnate of the anthemic “We Are Your Friends” that makes us all feel so warm and happy when we arrive at our late-night events. Though to be honest, I can’t tell if this is a remix of “We Are Your Friends” so much as a whole new song entirely… Either way, we are your friends, and you’ll never be alone again :)

★ Milo & Otis – Friendly City
Backup beat: ★ Milo & Otis – Luck (Original Mix)

Project 46

The Canadians of Project 46, another secretive DJ team who most recently produced that awesome Fatboy Slim-Alesso mashup of “Praise You” with “Years”, have released a blissfully happy new original. Just try frowning at lyrics like, “the sun won’t ask the world if it can rise”… And less than 24 hours ago, they released a poppy new version of Deadmau5’s new single, “The Veldt,” which I also just blogged— so that was dang fast!

★ Project 46 – Reasons (ft. Andrew Allen) (Original Mix)
Backup beat: ♬ Deadmau5 – The Veldt (Project 46 Happy Technology Pancake)


Fare Soldi

Ahh… what to say about two of my all-time favorites, Fare Soldi… This glamorous dirty-disco duo of Italians Santana Pasta (no joke) and Luka Carnifull describe their mission as taking “their experience on the decks to investigate if happy people dance better”. Well, sounds good enough to me!

★ Fare Soldi – Tu Night (Original Mix) or $
Backup beat: ★ Beyoncé – Crazy in Love (Fare Soldi ‘Chiapponzilla’ Remix)


“fuckmylife” updates his SoundCloud !

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“fuckmylife,” aka Deadmau5 (aka Canadian Joel Zimmerman), has updated his SoundCloud with four — count ’em, FOUR — brand new originals! Being his usual goofball self, he’s described them as “SimpsonStep,” “StephenSpielbergStep,” “Pigstep,” and “Cthulhustep,” the last referring to a bizarre 1928 pulp magazine fictional character he’s into… Anyway, quite tasty. Be sure to tune in to live.deadmau5.com too, he’s pretty fun to watch at work (though let’s not tell him that, lest his head grow too large for those helmets…:)

♬ Deadmau5 – Superliminal
♬ Deadmau5 – Fn Pig

Yet the best came a month ago with the release of “The Veldt,” a collaboration with soft-spoken singer Chris James… beautiful. Around the same time, he officially premiered “Maths,” an original mix more heavy on the electronics than the others in this post, but just as awesome.

★ Deadmau5 (ft. Chris James) – The Veldt
♬ Deadmau5 – Maths (Original Mix) or $

And though the first two pricing tiers sold out verrrry quickly, there are still plenty of tix left to the amaaaaazing-looking Veld Music Festival, taking place in Toronto August 4th & 5th and featuring the big Mau5 himself! This dude is NOT to be missed live. Over and over, I’ll go…

paris & simo

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Featured on Tiësto‘s podcast, “Club Life” (#234 on iTunes) for their remix of “Work Hard, Play Hard” (blogged here), 20-year-old Canadians Paris FZ and Simo T have been seriously rockin’ with catchy tunes and driving beats. And the preview to their latest, “Aztec,” shows no signs of stoppin’…

preview ♬ Paris FZ & Simo T – Aztec (Original Mix)
★ Mark Mendes, Paris FZ & Simo T – Aura (Original Mix)

house of Shepard

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More Canadian masterminds comin’ your way… Easily one of the best acts at Ultra Fest 2012, Sultan + Ned Shepard dropped this gem a few days ago and it’s a beauty. An unending cascade of synthy, peppy crescendos, layered against some soothing biddy’s voice, it indulges us in an almost Tiesto-like experience… Having flashbacks to a club with “Feel It In My Bones” blasting…

★ Sultan + Ned Shepard (ft. Quilla) – Walls

‘werks like magic

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You’ve heard me gush about the head-spinnin’ synth-genius Overwerk plenty of times before… but I’m gonna do it again. The 23-y.o. is just too cool: his latest release, a remix of Hyper Crush’s “Work Me”, begins its Overwerk transformation by 45 seconds. Once you’ve hit that point, there’s no return; your hands have to go up, your head nods, and a smile slides on.

★ Hyper Crush – Werk Me (OVERWERK Remix)

Some other awesome Werks: a remix of Mac Graham’s “Midnight” (the official remix for the song), and the beautiful mash of Overwerk and Ellie done by The Jane Doze in “Guns and Contact”… Enjoy!

♬ Mac Graham – Midnight (OVERWERK Remix)
★ The Jane Doze – Guns And Contact (Ellie Goulding vs. Overwerk)

adventures to be had!!

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It’s opener there
in the wide open air.

Out there things can happen
and frequently do
to people as brainy
and footsy as you.

And then things start to happen,
don’t worry. Don’t stew.
Just go right along.
You’ll start happening too.


♬ Metric – Collect Call (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

‘werk’ of art [u]

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OH WOW. If y’all don’t go and buy/steal/borrow the new EP from amazing artist Overwerk… well, you’re just being silly. A mix of electronic and dub, Overwerk is like a perfect mix between Deadmau5‘s unique womps and beeps and Mord Fustang‘s snappy, accentuated rhythms. You can find the full EP on the Canadian’s site, and check out what happens when you play a song and change from displaying the cover art to one of his visualizers…! My favorite off the new EP:

★ Overwerk – Contact { new }

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