EVENT: Cosmic Opera FREE Artist Showcase!

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Well this was unexpected. Apparently, rather than sink from low ticket sales at Act II with Fedde Le Grand earlier this year, the producers of Cosmic Opera have actually extended their group into three divisions, adding Cosmic Concepts and Cosmic Management. The former of which, Cosmic Concepts, has just announced a FREE showcase performance for its newly-acquired talent, including electronic hits Filo & Peri, David Dann, and George Garcia. You’ll still need a ticket, though, available HERE tomorrow, Wednesday the 15th, at 11am!

EVENT: Cosmic Opera II — new recap vid! [updated]

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Update (5/29): Enjoy the latest recap vid from Cosmic Opera, featuring shnazzy glimpses at the amazing, “Imbroglio”. More details promised soon for the highly-anticipated Act III!

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opera of cosmic proportions [updated]

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★ Badisco – Melancholy (Original Mix)

While preparations and rehearsals continue behind closed doors, some information about The Cosmic Opera has finally slipped out. Most notably, the three-part series of operatic-themed acts will be “conducted” by dj Axwell, of Swedish House Mafia fame, and feature three different major players of the EDM scene. Also recently uncovered is the location — the beautiful Hammerstein Ballroom, built specifically, in fact, for operas, in 1906. Though 3D image-mapping on the walls and six hours of house-inspired (but orchestra-backed!) electronic music may not be exactly what the builders had had in mind, the stage is certainly set to blow our minds… The first ‘act’ unveils February 24th, but be sure to grab tickets quick and early when they go on pre-sale next Tuesday, January 17th!

Update: They’ll be available on good ol’ Ticketmaster (note sarcasm), for 73$.

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