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14-06-19 deadmau5 awakens

The mau5 is back. Yesterday, Tuesday, Zimmerman released his grand opus: a 90-minute, two-CD, 25-track masterpiece showcasing his techno, electro, trap talents, and it instantly shot to the top of the charts (where it has since remained). And with a promised “16 trucks” worth of staging equipment for his forthcoming world tour, deadmau5 is truly right back on top.

★ deadmau5 – My Pet Coelacanth

#SyncBackSunday — premiere edition, Ultra-style

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Introducing the first edition of #SyncBackSunday, a new weekly post featuring some of the best ghosts of EDM’s past. (Oh, I do like a good pun.) Sometimes we need a reminder to stop and smell those roses…and for the life of me, I can’t understand why Throwback Thursday was devised, as all I want to hear on a Thursday or Friday night is something new, awakening, and exciting! So, I motion to save our throwbacks till Sunday, when, each Sunday eve, you can expect some tunes you won’t have heard throughout the week, may have never heard, and absolutely can’t not hear in your EDM-listening career. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a trip down EDMemory lane… it’s time for #SyncBackSunday.

This week’s premiere edition features a number of artists to be seen at the currently-ongoing Miami Music Week — but you’d be downright jackpot-lucky to hear these old beats on their systems…!

★ Morgan Page – The Longest Road (feat. Lissie) (Deadmau5
★ Tiesto, Sneaky Sound System – I Will Be Here (Wolfgang Gartner Dub Remix)
★ Kaskade – Fire In Your New Shoes (Sultan & Ned Shepard Electric Daisy Remix)
★ Alex Kenji & Starkillers ft. Nadia Ali – Pressure (Alesso
★ The Killers – Human (Armin Van Buuren Club Remix)

EVENT: Veld Fest — here it comes! [updated]

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Here it comes!!! Enjoy the latest from Sir Deadmau5

♬ Deadmau5 – There Might Be Coffee (Original Mix)

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Ezon, turn up

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The Ezon remix of Avicii’s “All You Need is Love” is inarguable one of the best house remixes of 2011. Ezon is 19-y.o Swede Erik Olsson, new to the scene but, like seemingly all Swedes (seriously, what’re they putting in the water over there??), superquick to learn, recently producing this celestial new mix of Deadmau5‘s “The Veldt”. Awesome originals, too.

♬ Deadmau5 (ft. Chris James) – The Veldt (Ezon Remix)
♬ Ezon – Harmony (Original Mix)
♬ Morphi’A – Time Machine (Ezon Remix)

And check out this preview to his mix for the new Ansol & Dyro song “Top of the World”… Dang !

★ Ansol & Dyro – Top Of The World (Ezon Bootleg)

MIX: Well What Now?!

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EDC New York has come and gone in a flash. And though, like Ultra Music Festival, the carnival was full of amazingly talented performers and overflowing with rides and other entertainment (full review forthcoming!), it ended shortly after 11pm each evening (though at least allowed performers encores, ahem, poor Wolfgang @ Ultra…). Anyways, here’s a mix for when ya get out just a biiiiit too early to be done. :) Cheers!

DOWNLOAD THE ZIP for a special bonus preview


Stream this and all my other mixes at!

★ Alesso & Dirty South – City Of Dreams (Original Mix)
★ Avicii – All You Need Is Love (Dirigo & Fjaestad Bootleg)
★ Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness (Reich & Bleich Remix)
★ Deadmau5 – The Veldt (Paul David Remix)
♬ Felix Cartal – Black To White Feat. Miss Palmer (Angger Dimas Remix)
★ Robyn – Dancing On My Own (Dirigo & Fjaestad Remix)
★ Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside (Third Party Remix)
♬ James Egbert – Back To New (3LAU Remix) or $
♬ Patrick Hagenaar – Golden Nugget or $
★ Minnesota – Stardust

Get home safely.


MIX: give us a smile

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How ’bout a lil’ minimix to kickstart what looks to be a   b e a utiful weekend?!

DOWNLOAD THE ZIP for a special bonus preview

Milo & Otis

Self-described “two dudes from Afratca,” the mysterious Milo & Otis (yes, that’s actually their group’s name) created this lovely reincarnate of the anthemic “We Are Your Friends” that makes us all feel so warm and happy when we arrive at our late-night events. Though to be honest, I can’t tell if this is a remix of “We Are Your Friends” so much as a whole new song entirely… Either way, we are your friends, and you’ll never be alone again :)

★ Milo & Otis – Friendly City
Backup beat: ★ Milo & Otis – Luck (Original Mix)

Project 46

The Canadians of Project 46, another secretive DJ team who most recently produced that awesome Fatboy Slim-Alesso mashup of “Praise You” with “Years”, have released a blissfully happy new original. Just try frowning at lyrics like, “the sun won’t ask the world if it can rise”… And less than 24 hours ago, they released a poppy new version of Deadmau5’s new single, “The Veldt,” which I also just blogged— so that was dang fast!

★ Project 46 – Reasons (ft. Andrew Allen) (Original Mix)
Backup beat: ♬ Deadmau5 – The Veldt (Project 46 Happy Technology Pancake)


Fare Soldi

Ahh… what to say about two of my all-time favorites, Fare Soldi… This glamorous dirty-disco duo of Italians Santana Pasta (no joke) and Luka Carnifull describe their mission as taking “their experience on the decks to investigate if happy people dance better”. Well, sounds good enough to me!

★ Fare Soldi – Tu Night (Original Mix) or $
Backup beat: ★ Beyoncé – Crazy in Love (Fare Soldi ‘Chiapponzilla’ Remix)


“fuckmylife” updates his SoundCloud !

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“fuckmylife,” aka Deadmau5 (aka Canadian Joel Zimmerman), has updated his SoundCloud with four — count ’em, FOUR — brand new originals! Being his usual goofball self, he’s described them as “SimpsonStep,” “StephenSpielbergStep,” “Pigstep,” and “Cthulhustep,” the last referring to a bizarre 1928 pulp magazine fictional character he’s into… Anyway, quite tasty. Be sure to tune in to too, he’s pretty fun to watch at work (though let’s not tell him that, lest his head grow too large for those helmets…:)

♬ Deadmau5 – Superliminal
♬ Deadmau5 – Fn Pig

Yet the best came a month ago with the release of “The Veldt,” a collaboration with soft-spoken singer Chris James… beautiful. Around the same time, he officially premiered “Maths,” an original mix more heavy on the electronics than the others in this post, but just as awesome.

★ Deadmau5 (ft. Chris James) – The Veldt
♬ Deadmau5 – Maths (Original Mix) or $

And though the first two pricing tiers sold out verrrry quickly, there are still plenty of tix left to the amaaaaazing-looking Veld Music Festival, taking place in Toronto August 4th & 5th and featuring the big Mau5 himself! This dude is NOT to be missed live. Over and over, I’ll go…

“I’m away from my computer right now. And my mind.”

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Vacation mode has officially hit; no more attention span, no more waking up early, no more rushing to meet deadlines. So kick back and allow these three fantastically relaxing bands to sweep your brain off its…er…feet? Brainstem? Whatever just enjoy. =)

♬ Beat Culture – Sometime Soon
★ Sepalcure – I’m Alright
♬ araabMUZIK – Let It Go

And whaaaaat? araabMUZIK remixed Deadmau5?! Oh you’re too good to me…

♬ Deadmau5 – I Remember (araabMUZIK Remix)

Deadmau5 : THE 4D CONCERT

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HOLY CRAP. Apologies on behalf of Nokia’s crappy internet distribution, but wait till you see what a little Deadmau5 can add to the months work Drive Productions spent animating the side of the 1960s iconic Millbank Building in London, England:

♬ Deadmau5 – Aural Psynapse (2nd Edit)
♬ Deadmau5 – Aural Psynapse (Myndset Remix)

Fitting 800 screens to the building’s river-facing windows, 25 department heads directed teams of 20 each to assemble the massive animation, which lasts just four minutes but took over three months to create.

Three black D3 servers will power 16 precisely lined-up projectors – each fitted with specially imported lenses – to beam the illumination across the Thames and cover the entire length and width of the 118-meter building.(more)

Leaves were shaken from trees near the building; lampposts nearby, extinguished; traffic, stopped. And just to add to the spectacle, the Mau5 King joined in, premiering two new ragin’ tracks just for the occasion… Damn, you lucky brits!


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At 4pm EST, Deadmau5 will be performing a live show and airing it across the interwebs. Why care? Well aside from the fact he’ll be lettin’ loose two bangin’ new tracks, he’ll be performing them along the side of the Millbank Building in London. Yes, the side of a friggin’ skyscraper. Deadmau5 and Nokia teamed up to replace 800 of the building’s windows with some sort of material that’ll reflect their magical projectors and dazzle us to the beat of our favorite mau5. You won’t want to miss this…

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