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Hi, my name is scubaSteve, and I’ve been a longtime mashup addict. I know they’re cheesy, but dammit if I can’t stop nodding my head to one cooked just right. It’s like some kind of uber-song, irresistable. Well anyway, enjoy my nonsense, and moreover, enjoy these tunes…

★ DubMash Productions – Don’t Stop Jagger (Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera vs. Foster the People)
♬ No Pets Allowed – Papercuts and Night Shades (Cobra Starship vs. Gym Class Heroes vs. Ken Loi)
♬ Scrab – Rock This World Like Dynamite (TheFatRat, Avicii ft. Sia, Taio Cruz, Shakira, Gotye)

berrie jams

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Give your neurons a swirl with these tasty tracks by the master dBerrie. Both of these songs’ originals are at the top of my list but add the taste of Berrie — that trademark harpsichord overlay and undulating electronic backbeat — and it gets real delicious. Okay enough of the berry puns. Eat up!

★ Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (dBerrie Remix)
♬ Foster The People – Don’t Stop (dBerrie Remix)

please don’t ever stop

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♬ Foster the People – Don’t Stop (TheFatRat Remix)

Can’t get enough of Foster the People. If I’m smart lucky, I’ll get to tune into their Central Park Summerstage performance this year, which promises to be even better than last year’s with all the new tunes they’ve been dropping since. Leave it to another crazy-good German dj, this time the mysterious FatRat, to spin “Don’t Stop” into this unstoppable, whistle-along remix.

The most dangerous thing about TheFatRat seems to be the fact, that it’s been active but undiagnosed for several years already. The quarantine report states that it started spreading somewhere in the club scene in Germany. First traces can be found in Munich and Berlin, where it was hiding behind DJs and Projects. Compilations like “Ministry Of Sound – The Annual”, iTunes, Beatport, even the billboard charts were suffering from it, without knowing about it’s existence. It is considered highly dangerous and infectious, leading to the conclusion that it is of great importance to warn the public about TheFatRat.

He’s quickly becoming a favorite in this hard-syncer’s library. Check out this sweet rendition of Avicii:

♬ Avicii – Next Levels (TheFatRat Remix)

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