EVENT: TomorrowWorld 2013 — tickets running low [updated]

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13-08-24 tomorrowworld

Update (8/24): Bit overdue for an update. TomorrowWorld tickets are starting to “run low” as the festival approaches…snag one quick! Here are the lineups we have across the amazing stages planned: the main stage, Mad Decent stage, Dim Mak stage, Q-Dance stage, Fools Gold stage, and Ferry Corsten’s Friday FullOn stage.

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pleased to present…

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♬ Wax Tailor – Heart Stop (ft. Jennifer Charles) or $

Fave frenchie Jean-Christophe Le Saoût, aka Wax Tailor, first entered my library as an “iTunes Suggested Listening” when, in 2005, he created and produced his first solo album, Tales of the Forgotten Melodies, a nouveau form of lounge music dubbed “orchestral hiphop” that met major success in his home country of France. He produced two more super-cool albums in ’07 and ’09 before deciding to take some time off after a worldwide tour. Well, the date’s finally been set for his next new album, Dusty Rainbow from the Dark, and an EP already out, featuring a remix by another longtime favorite, RJD2! The full album comes out September 10th in Europe, the 18th in the U.S.!

EVENT: Fake Blood @ Hudson Terrace — FREE!

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If you were a sillybilly and didn’t catch Fake Blood last year at Electric Zoo, now’s your chance for redemption. Frenchie Fake Blood aka Touché aka Theo Keatin popped out on the scene in 2009 with his release, “I Think I Like It,” and has been producing “future bass” tunes ever since — an unusual use of deep bass to amplify melody. S’cool. So check it out — free till midnight with RSVP here, and open vodka bar from 10-11!

♬ Fake Blood – Medieval
★ Fake Blood – I Think I Like It
★ Miike Snow – Animal (Fake Blood Remix)
♬ Hot Chip – Touch Too Much (Fake Blood Remix)

my man Mad [updated]

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★ Madeon – Finale (ft. Nicholas Petricca)

Update (2/07): Updated video and song to full.
Update (6/06): Here’s a bit longer of a cut…

I never post previews, but this French teenmonster is ONTO SOMETHING.

the chanteuse from Toulouse

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♬ Guillaume Grand – Toi et Moi (Marine Cover)

Delightful 21-y.o chanteuse Marine brings us this cover of frenchie Guillaume Grand’s beautiful hit, “Toi et Moi” (l’amour…).

Woodkid is solid

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♬ Woodkid – Run Boy Run

Sebastian does an amazing job with the latest from Woodkid, aka frenchie Yoann Lemoine, who already has one amazing black-and-white music video on his hands — so what’s one more?!

★ Woodkid – Run Boy Run (SebastiAn Remix)

McLoughlin, Greek god

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This isn’t old but I can’t stop listening to it over and over and gushing about it to everyone I know. So, back again on ze blog, it’s Collin McAwesome (McLoughlin), who, on his own dime and impetus, wrote and recorded some original vocals for the latest track from young frenchie Madeon, “Icarus“. The words are meant to reflect Collin’s interpretation of the old Greek tale for which Icarus is named, and the result is truly astounding (far surpasses the Mau5’s chance efforts with Chris James!). Damn, boy; this is beautiful.

and as you fall, I turn to save you..
I can’t bear to be alone now…
I will get there…..

★★ Madeon – Icarus (Collin McLoughlin Vocal Edit)
Original ♬ Madeon – Icarus

For McLoughlin’s latest recordings, check out Collin’s YouTube channel!

“Eyesdown”, ears up

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♬ Bonobo – Eyesdown (Machinedrum Remix)

Oooh… you know how I like a good ol’ crazy animation…and with this cool song from Frenchy-favorite Bonobo, it’s a must. Last summer, I made the most regrettable decision and passed up an opportunity to hear this extraordinary DJ entertain a cruise around Manhattan isle… Bah silly me. Hear more why:

♬ Bonobo – Kong
★ Bonobo – The Sicilian

mashdubstepup [updated]

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Jeremy Johnson (Placido) and Laurent Lupidi (Loo) met in 1999 after several years of touring and studio recording as a drummer and bassist in different popular French bands (ie Portobello Bones, Satellites, No One Is Innocent, Oui Oui). Now they’re together making mashups that wobble all over in the most fantastic of ways…

♬ Loo & Placido – Rigby Dubstep (The Beatles vs Doctor P vs BAR 9 vs DOES IT OFFEND YOU YEAH?) added!
★ Loo & Placido – Future Sound (Gorillaz vs. Nero vs. Knife Party vs. Bassnectar)
♬ Loo & Placido – Watch Out Roxanne (The Police vs. Habstrakt vs. Doctor P vs. Roksonix)

little people have a different sense of time

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★ little people – Basique

Couldn’t tell what I liked more when I first saw this video: the beautiful camerawork by The Seventh Movement, or the perfect match of soothing lounge music by Little People. Aka Frenchie Laurent Clerc, Little People produces “downtempo electronic music,” or tracks made of “part beats, bleeps and snippets of other people’s music”. Don’t let his modesty fool you, though; his mysterious, lurking sound triggers memories of RJD2 and DJ Shadow in their primes…

♬ little people – Start Shootin’
♬ Joey Fehrenbach – Underwander (little people Remix)

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