these beats were made for walkin

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♬ Gorillaz (ft. Andre 3000) – DoYaThing

Posted this sweet little collab between Gorillaz and the glorious Converse to the SyncHarder Vimeo a little while ago… glad it finally made it’s way over to the main site.

mashdubstepup [updated]

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Jeremy Johnson (Placido) and Laurent Lupidi (Loo) met in 1999 after several years of touring and studio recording as a drummer and bassist in different popular French bands (ie Portobello Bones, Satellites, No One Is Innocent, Oui Oui). Now they’re together making mashups that wobble all over in the most fantastic of ways…

♬ Loo & Placido – Rigby Dubstep (The Beatles vs Doctor P vs BAR 9 vs DOES IT OFFEND YOU YEAH?) added!
★ Loo & Placido – Future Sound (Gorillaz vs. Nero vs. Knife Party vs. Bassnectar)
♬ Loo & Placido – Watch Out Roxanne (The Police vs. Habstrakt vs. Doctor P vs. Roksonix)

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