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to Grind v. ground (ground), grind·ing, grinds To rub (two surfaces) together harshly, gnashing; by turning a crank. [Middle English grinden, from Old English grindan; see ghrendh- in Indo-European roots.]

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★ Avicii – Silhouettes (Disco Fries Remix)
★ Milkman – Aeroplane or $
♬ Calvin Harris feat. Ne-Yo – Let’s Go (Spryte & HLM Remix)
★ Chuckie & Gregori Klosman – The Numb3r5 (Original Club Mix)
♬ Damian Marley & Nas – As We Enter (DallasK Remix)
★ TON!C & eWrek Feat. Dye, Erick Gold & Patrick – Get It On (Original Mix)
★ RL Grime – Trap On Acid

got milkman?

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♬ Milkman – Breaking Free (Original Mix)

Producing some crazy good glitch/electro originals and remixes, as well as some of the most original mashups I’ve come across yet (Stacy’s Mom vs. Calling?!?), 23-y.o. Gregg Luskin, aka Milkman, has some sweet tricks up his sleeve. Get excited that the California native is finally hittin’ the road, taking his “Doing Bodies Good” tour with XXXChange to Brunswick ME, Philly, Silver Springs MD, and Boston, before his final stop at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, in Brooklyn on May 19th. So if you didn’t get an EDC ticket…

★ Milkman – Revelry (Original Mix)
♬ Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe (Milkman Remix)

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