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It’s rare to see a festival planned amidst 40° weather, so I legitimately could not be more excited to burn my soles to the floor at Fall Massive in D.C. in two weeks, dancing with the likes of Moby, Diplo, Martin Solveig, Infected Mushroom, Zedd, Armand van Helden, Zed’s Dead…..man, the list goes on and on. Organized by the produers of Baltimore’s legendary Starscape fest, these guys have rented out a giant lot of the RFK Arena and set up several heated, interconnected tents for me and my 15,000 other friends to come and go between four different genres of electro music as we please! Join us, why don’t you?

Other fellow party attendees:
♬ Mord Fustang – In the Air (Morgan Page Original)
♬ Bad Boy Bill – Falling Anthem
♬ Sidney Samson – Panorama (Original Mix)

overwerked, under ‘preciated

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Originally, Edmond Huszar was a graphic designer, working freelance and on a few side projects he had organized into a portfolio entitled “overworked”. But in a turn of “pure fate and experimentation,” the 22-year-old discovered he possessed a knack for music production, dropped his design career, and took up a DJ name that would pay homage to both his beginnings as well as the inspiration to his future, his icons, the bass-heavy, German electronic band Kraftwerk.

“Less Go Over Werk It” shows off a bit of his dubstep and mashup skills (sweet transition at 1’45”), while “Buzzin’,” a hot new single off his forthcoming EP, The Nth°, is straight-up Overwerk stylin’, plain and simple.

♬ Overwerk – Less Go Over Werk It
♬ Overwerk – Buzzin’

And in case you weren’t impressed enough, some of the remixes he’s produced are even more magnificent…

★ Wolfgang Gartner – Space Junk (OVERWERK Remix)
♬ Mord Fustang – Magic Trooper (OVERWERK Remix)

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