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These babies are just too good. In the span of one week, we were treated to an Extended Play (EP) from two insanely good electronic artists, U.S.’s Minnesota and Canada’s finest, OVERWERK. Both Minnesota and Overwerk continue to experiment with their craft — part electronic, part dubstep, part drum ‘n’ bass, mostly indescribable — taking slow-tempo rhythms and building masterpieces out of carefully articulated bells and whistles (not literally). Minnesota’s Altered States has a more otherworldly feeling to it (I swear some of the sound effects sound like spaceships flying overhead), while Overwerk’s aptly-titled After Hours adds a spooky side to his unmercifully grinding beats. Take a listen, send some love, then get Minnesota and Overwerk’s entire albums FREE from the source to hear the rest!

♬ Minnesota – Tokyo
★ OVERWERK – Daybreak

‘werks like magic

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You’ve heard me gush about the head-spinnin’ synth-genius Overwerk plenty of times before… but I’m gonna do it again. The 23-y.o. is just too cool: his latest release, a remix of Hyper Crush’s “Work Me”, begins its Overwerk transformation by 45 seconds. Once you’ve hit that point, there’s no return; your hands have to go up, your head nods, and a smile slides on.

★ Hyper Crush – Werk Me (OVERWERK Remix)

Some other awesome Werks: a remix of Mac Graham’s “Midnight” (the official remix for the song), and the beautiful mash of Overwerk and Ellie done by The Jane Doze in “Guns and Contact”… Enjoy!

♬ Mac Graham – Midnight (OVERWERK Remix)
★ The Jane Doze – Guns And Contact (Ellie Goulding vs. Overwerk)

‘werk’ of art [u]

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OH WOW. If y’all don’t go and buy/steal/borrow the new EP from amazing artist Overwerk… well, you’re just being silly. A mix of electronic and dub, Overwerk is like a perfect mix between Deadmau5‘s unique womps and beeps and Mord Fustang‘s snappy, accentuated rhythms. You can find the full EP on the Canadian’s site, and check out what happens when you play a song and change from displaying the cover art to one of his visualizers…! My favorite off the new EP:

★ Overwerk – Contact { new }

Sorry for the wrong link! Updated!

overwerked, under ‘preciated

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Originally, Edmond Huszar was a graphic designer, working freelance and on a few side projects he had organized into a portfolio entitled “overworked”. But in a turn of “pure fate and experimentation,” the 22-year-old discovered he possessed a knack for music production, dropped his design career, and took up a DJ name that would pay homage to both his beginnings as well as the inspiration to his future, his icons, the bass-heavy, German electronic band Kraftwerk.

“Less Go Over Werk It” shows off a bit of his dubstep and mashup skills (sweet transition at 1’45”), while “Buzzin’,” a hot new single off his forthcoming EP, The Nth°, is straight-up Overwerk stylin’, plain and simple.

♬ Overwerk – Less Go Over Werk It
♬ Overwerk – Buzzin’

And in case you weren’t impressed enough, some of the remixes he’s produced are even more magnificent…

★ Wolfgang Gartner – Space Junk (OVERWERK Remix)
♬ Mord Fustang – Magic Trooper (OVERWERK Remix)

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