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Some fantastic remixes poppin’ outta the woodwork for RiRi’s collab with the never-do-me-wrong boys of Coldplay… God they know how to spin a good tune!

★ Coldplay & Rihanna – Princess of China (Invisible Men Remix)
♬ Coldplay & Rihanna – Princess of China (Andre Sobota Remix)

MIX: bring back the house

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Wait wait wait. Where’s the volume knob. BRING BACK THE HOUSE!
ZIP FILE of ALL SONGS + special bonus
Or as individual files, minus the bonus…

★ Porter Robinson – Language
♬ Lana Del Rey – Video Games (LA Riots & GTA Remix)
★ M-3ox (ft. Heidrun) – Beating Of My Heart (Matisse & Sadko Remix)
♬ CLMD (Carl Louis & Martin Danielle) – Black Eyes and Blue (Original Mix)
★ Yuna – Live Your Life (It’s The DJ Kue Remix!)
★ Rihanna – Where Have You Been (Vice Remix)
♬ Avicii (ft. Madonna) – Girl Gone Wild (Dada Life Remix)

settin’ fire to the world

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While it’s tricky to find out much about the mysterious NilsOfficial, it does not take long to realize the German’s serious skillz in mashing. Between the major mash below of Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” and The Wanted’s “Warzone” (Basto! remix), and the mash of Taio Cruz and Britney to follow, Nils is on the road to better and better…

★ Basto! vs Adele – Fire Rain (Nils Official Mashup)
♬ Basto! vs Katy Perry & Rihanna – Kiss Me Again and Again (NilsOfficial Mashup)

calvin calvin everywhere

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♬ Glee Cast – We Found Love (Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna)

Right on the curtails of an epic Calvin Harris concert at Pacha NYC this past weekend, I uncover this gem of a cover: TV’s Glee doing We Found Love, originally by Calvin Harris and Rihanna!

And this just in: Calvin’s gonna be at TOMORROWLAND! If you don’t know what that is yet, inform yourself for godsakes.


i found love

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★ Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna – We Found Love (Star Slinger Refix)

I am all sorts of in love with this song. I’ve been a fan of Star Slinger for a while now, not entirely sure where I first heard him to be honest…but after last fall’s live show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, he’s cemented a place in my musical heart, getting stronger and stronger with each snappy snaredrum-flaring, rattle-infused new tune of his. And oh Calvin… can’t wait for you @ Pacha in just 10 DAYS!

Star Slinger can even make Drake bearable; here try summore..

♬ Body Language – You Can (Star Slinger Remix)
♬ Star Slinger – Kora In Here (A Work in Progress)
★ H-Town – They Like It Slow (Star Slinger Refix)
♬ Drake – Over My Dead Body (Star Slinger Remix)

And my all-time fave…

★ Star Slinger – Mornin’

hug it out, egypt

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Everyone returning home, all this thankfulness– I’m starting to get mushy. 19-year-old Fareoh has really been working the girly voices into mesmerizing dance tunes with perfection, and it’s exactly what I want right now. Shutup you know you like it too.

★ Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris – We Found Love (Fareoh Remix)
♬ Wynter Gordon – Buy My Love (Fareoh Remix)

Was gonna make this a post about Egypt jokes…Fareoh…but it’s still so messy over there :( Wishing a speedy, peaceful resolution. Drop Bass Not Bombs!!!

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