EVENT: Sphongletron 3.0

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I will never forget the first time I heard Shpongle perform: the sun was rising over the Baltimore waterfront during the last couple hours of Starscape and just as I was losing steam, a crowd was forming around the main stage. The combination of psychadelic trance, ambient music, and world sounds completely blew me away while their intricately built stage – aptly called Shpongletron – held me captivated for the full 90 minute set. Above is just a glimpse at the production of their first ever stage. Simon just announced a stacked spring tour to promote their new album “Museum of Consciousness” that includes a brand-new Sphongletron 3.0 stage set-up. A definite MUST-SEE if you can get yourself to any of their shows — see where Simon is touring at ShpongleMusic.com!

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