ted danson. (nuff said)

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Bored to Death just kills me. Midway through season three, Jason Schwartzman is (still) a bumblingly-inexperienced, unlicensed detective, offering via Craig’s List to ‘solve people’s problems’. He’s accompanied by a motley crue of Zach Galifianakis, a pipe-smoking, penis-drawing cartoonist father of a sperm donor baby (and whose girlfriend is the ditz girl from Miss Congeniality; hilarious to see her again), and sidekicked by Ted Danson, for whom there are…no words… (only laughter). These three get in some of the most ridiculously amusing adventures as they admirably fight crime throughout Williamsburg and the surrounding burroughs.

♬ Matt Duncan – One Thousand Boys

What particularly made me wanna write about ’em was that they feature great music, like the song used in the fadeout during the end of this recently-aired clip; it’s by a small Kentucky band led by Matt Duncan that I never would’ve found in a million years. Tune in tonight, new episodes air Mondays at 9pm on HBO. For now, here’s another tune by the 6-boy band:

♬ Matt Duncan – Beacon

upward-facing cat?

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The weather’s bizarrely nice, so I took the opportunity to do quick some yoga outside, and pretend I was at the beach… eff mondays.

★ Coldplay – UFO (Keljet’s Hawaiian Remix)
♬ Apollo Sunshine – Breeze Thanks to Jules!!

this thanksgiving,

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Just throwin’ around some ideas of things you can do with your family when y’all get bored…

Thanksgiving Eve || I’m sure they’d be entertained by the likes of Tommy Lee & DJ Aero, my homeboy ZEDD, Phonat, Killabits, and Alex English… I mean, who wouldn’t want not one or two, but four floors of dub and beats?!


Thanksgiving Night || After all the celebrating and feasting and time spent together, let Chuckie help ya burn it off with his energized remixes. Definitely will be sad to have to miss…


Thanksgiving Post-Mortem || And for those still left standing, AN21 & Max here are kind enough to help us finish any scrap techno cravings we may’ve had!


avicii BLAST

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Some people drink coffee. Others, redbull, or that 5-hour energy crack. But just give me a shot of some hard-brewed Avicii and I’m good to go…

♬ Avicii – Before This Night is Through (Bad Things)
♬ Avicii – Levels (Felix Leiters Digital Bootleg)
★ Captain Cuts – Dancing With Avicii (Avicii vs. The Knocks)
♬ Avicii & Sebastien Drums vs. Funkerman – Speed Up Snus (Patrick Hagenaar Mashup)
♬ Avicii – Did A Bad Bad Thing (Original Mix)

And how about the delicious Avicii-esque track circulating the interwebs…

AVICII Alex Torti & Chris Conte – Looking Up

will you trance with me ?

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Don’t write off trance at first glance. It may be loud and repetitive, but it’s specifically engineered to hit those happy-feel-good receptors and fix any rotten mood. And it’s all-natural! Full of crescendos, twinkles, beeps and boops, the songs twirl along consistently making your spine tingle in delight. Give trance a chance !

♬ Tydi (ft. Sarah Howells) – Acting Crazy (Tomas Heredia At Sunrise Remix)
♬ David Guetta, Afrojack – Louder Than Words (Digital LAB & Pedro Henriques Big Room Bootleg)
★ Massive Attack – Paradise Circus (Maor Levi’s Big Room Remix)
♬ Tate & Diamond (ft. Nicolai) – Electrified (Original Mix)

rumor had it…but the truth was so much better

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♬ Glee Cast – Rumour Has It/Someone Like You (Adele Mashup)

Even though I caught a preview of this last week, I was still mad impressed when it aired this past Tuesday night. Forget however you feel about Glee; there’s simply no denying the crazy-dancy-goodness of this mashup of Adele’s’ “Rumour Has It” and “Someone Like You”. Sorry for the delay… enjoy your thursday night television, Amurrica..

♬ Adele – Rumour Has It
★ Adele – Rumour Has It (Atom Christie Remix)

♬ Adele – Someone Like You
♬ Adele – Someone Like You (DJ PS1 Bootleg)

[EVENT] immeasurably massive

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It’s rare to see a festival planned amidst 40° weather, so I legitimately could not be more excited to burn my soles to the floor at Fall Massive in D.C. in two weeks, dancing with the likes of Moby, Diplo, Martin Solveig, Infected Mushroom, Zedd, Armand van Helden, Zed’s Dead…..man, the list goes on and on. Organized by the produers of Baltimore’s legendary Starscape fest, these guys have rented out a giant lot of the RFK Arena and set up several heated, interconnected tents for me and my 15,000 other friends to come and go between four different genres of electro music as we please! Join us, why don’t you?

Other fellow party attendees:
♬ Mord Fustang – In the Air (Morgan Page Original)
♬ Bad Boy Bill – Falling Anthem
♬ Sidney Samson – Panorama (Original Mix)

alesssssss-hear-itttt [updated]

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We’re all exhausted, it’s the hump day (meaning Wednesday, get your mind outta the gutter), it’s already dark yet we’re still at work/the library/the bus-stop-in-the-rain……. time for a blast of HOUSE courtesy of a dear favourite, Alesso, who’s just been announced the crown jewel of the Pacha 6-Year Anniversary Celebration! Tickets bought…see you there?

UPDATED TO FULL! ♬ Tiesto (ft Sia) – Titanium (Alesso Remix)
♬ DEVolution – Good Love (Alesso Remix)
♬ Dune – Heiress of Valentina (Alesso Edit)
★ Alex Kenji, Starkillers, Nadia Ali – Pressure (Alesso Remix)

sunrise, sunset

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♬ Beethoven – Symphony No. 9, in D minor, Opus 125 ‘choral’ 4

overwerked, under ‘preciated

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Originally, Edmond Huszar was a graphic designer, working freelance and on a few side projects he had organized into a portfolio entitled “overworked”. But in a turn of “pure fate and experimentation,” the 22-year-old discovered he possessed a knack for music production, dropped his design career, and took up a DJ name that would pay homage to both his beginnings as well as the inspiration to his future, his icons, the bass-heavy, German electronic band Kraftwerk.

“Less Go Over Werk It” shows off a bit of his dubstep and mashup skills (sweet transition at 1’45”), while “Buzzin’,” a hot new single off his forthcoming EP, The Nth°, is straight-up Overwerk stylin’, plain and simple.

♬ Overwerk – Less Go Over Werk It
♬ Overwerk – Buzzin’

And in case you weren’t impressed enough, some of the remixes he’s produced are even more magnificent…

★ Wolfgang Gartner – Space Junk (OVERWERK Remix)
♬ Mord Fustang – Magic Trooper (OVERWERK Remix)