Ultra, forever. (Again) [updated]

September 3rd, 2013 (22:01 EST) · Got a Comment?

Update (9/3): In case you’d forgotten just how epic Ultra XV had been, UMF TV today released another recap movie of the event… Early bird and advance tickets have sold out, but general admission to 2014’s festival are still available at the cheap price of $399.95…

★ Yuna vs. Adventure Club – Lullabies
BONUS ♬ Yuna vs. Adventure Club – Lullabies (VILLAGE Remix)

Waking up to this started one helluva throwback thursday. And while I’d like nothing more than to spend a few hours writing up a full review of my experiences at this year’s especially-magnificent Ultra Music Festival, I am bound to the limits of time, energy, and other such raver problems, and as such, can only offer a succinct, bulleted list of my personal highlights from this year. Happy Ultra!

  • Skipping, hopping, gliding — floating through the line to enter Ultra Music Festival 2013.
  • Promising to arrive by noon and never entering before 4.
  • Discovering ‘free water’ meant the park’s two water fountains.
  • Seeing Avicii’s weirdass but kinda cool live country remixing.
  • At least he played “I Could Be the One”.
  • Ditching the country for Boys Noize and the Bloody Beetroots…and feeling very good about it.
  • The confetti of the live stage… so much confetti!!!
  • Drifting into the mostly empty Carl Cox tent for the tail end of Luciano’s amazing set. New artist discovery +1
  • Having a hotel literally right across the street. Praise the good lord.
  • Figuring out who was who among pseudonyms and guest DJing.
  • Cirez D. Booming in the Carl Cox Arena. No more to be said.
  • Wearing a gold crown and raging on a concrete “throne” solo to Thievery Corporation’s gorgeous, sunshine-filled set.
  • Taking photos with new friends I may never see again :’)
  • Taking a break by the Space Ibiza stage to trance out to Nic Fanciulli… Beautiful. Sad there was no more biodome, but the open field to sit more than made up for it.
  • Scaling the 10ft fence to point out Scuba playing at the Space stage. :)
  • Jumping from happy-bananas Fatboy Slim to crazy perfect drum ‘n’ bass at Sub Focus, and realizing just how amazing a lineup we had to choose from.
  • Dillon jumping in randomly to keep things moombahing.
  • Trying to pry myself away from “IDGAFOS” to get to Deadmau5.
  • Deadmau5’s cube. Gets me every time.
  • Hoping Zedd would streak around it again for us in Weekend Two.
  • Crazy beautiful fireworks for Deadmau5’s finale, “The Veldt”… Goosebumps.
  • “Bounce Lil Kitty” kandi.
  • After a taste of Dash Berlin working wonders in the ASOT600 tent, sneaking around to the hillside of Ultra Korea for Zedd & Porter.
  • Wailing along to “Clarity”. Aw.
  • Gettin’ DOWN for “Bangarang”.
  • Finding the most perfect patch of open sunshine with direct views of Above & Beyond. Enjoying the grass. Yup.
  • Gasping in awe as the honeycombs of the Megadome descended over us during “Black Room Boy”. Who knew they could do that???
  • Cheering through tears waiting for the drop in “Sun & Moon”.
  • Tripping, literally, into Snoop Dogg’s CRAZY show on the way out of Above & Beyond’s blast into outerspace.
  • Alesso pulling out all the stops as he prepped us for the final act. Literally, FIRE.
  • First-degree burns from the main stage’s crazy pyrotechnics.
  • Being almost unable to wait half an hour between Alesso and SHM’s set. Debating for half the time whether it’d be best to pee beforehand or wait.
  • Feeling Wolfgang’s crazy beats mesh perfectly with SHM’s “Greyhound” from across the park.
  • Feeling shivers as SHM told you not to worry, child.
  • “Miami, are you ready to save the world one last time?!”
  • Seeing the boys standing atop the decks waving One Last Tour flags…
  • March 28, 29, 30th.


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