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June 15th, 2013 (12:30 EST) · Got a Comment?

One of the greatest kickback rewards of attending EDM activities is the inevitable intense workout you get– from enduring subhuman conditions, dancing for hours, and wrestling the massesto get home on public transit. At the recent Electric Daisy Carnival, my friend’s pedometer recorded that we’d “traveled” a distance of over 10 miles; I don’t even remember how many calories it was. Recently, a few organizations have embraced this culture of athleticism and teamwork from the EDM community to promote some insanely creative events. From glow-in-the-dark runs to foamy mayhem, these events all showcase one of the best parts about our community: everybody’s in such damn good shape!

NB: We’re not profiting from any of these ticket sales, and can’t vouch their awesomeness in their debut year, but damn if they don’t look fun!


Electric Run

I think this is one of my favorite rave-inspired events. Throngs of people dress up in as much neon and glow as possible to run a 5k, all ending with an EDM concert at the finish line. Quickly expanding throughout the U.S., this event comes to Brooklyn on September 28th! PS, if their promo vid didn’t quite entice you, just check out how happy this kid was :)

Three more awesome events after the jump!

Tomato Battle

13-06-15 tomato battle

The Tomato Battle, actually inspired from tomato festivals in Spain, celebrates with beer, live music, and 100,000 pounds of tomatoes (marked unfit for consumption, of course). This year, the battle comes to Flatbush (Brooklyn) on July 20th!


The Color Run

One of the most popular of the messy 5ks is The Color Run, borrowing from festival’s infamous color wars, in which participants hurl balls of curled chalk at one another’s white clothing, resulting in a spectacularly colorful vortex. This one comes to New York on July 6th, but is sadly already sold out.


5k Foam Fest

About 40 miles NW of Manhattan, this double-whammy of an event is a foam party meets mud-filled, rained-out music festival. After running, crawling, and sliding through a mud-filled obstacle course, you are doused in gallons of foamy soap suds to clean off. The foam drops in New York on June 22nd!

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