two glorious new EPs

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These babies are just too good. In the span of one week, we were treated to an Extended Play (EP) from two insanely good electronic artists, U.S.’s Minnesota and Canada’s finest, OVERWERK. Both Minnesota and Overwerk continue to experiment with their craft — part electronic, part dubstep, part drum ‘n’ bass, mostly indescribable — taking slow-tempo rhythms and building masterpieces out of carefully articulated bells and whistles (not literally). Minnesota’s Altered States has a more otherworldly feeling to it (I swear some of the sound effects sound like spaceships flying overhead), while Overwerk’s aptly-titled After Hours adds a spooky side to his unmercifully grinding beats. Take a listen, send some love, then get Minnesota and Overwerk’s entire albums FREE from the source to hear the rest!

♬ Minnesota – Tokyo
★ OVERWERK – Daybreak

EVENT: Virgin FreeFest ’12 — free tickets OUT [updated]

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Update (12:56pm): General “freesale” tomorrow though! Link TBA on the Virgin Mobile twitter, probably exactly at noon EST like today… Freemium FreeFest tickets are also still available, where, for $49.50, you make a charitable donation, get express entry, and a FreeFest water bottle with free soda refills all day… Not bad! Unless you’re broke like me.

Update (12:07pm): Tickets sold out in a flash…

Update (8/23, 11:58am): Presale ticket link still not yet published! Waiting anxiously…!

Update (8/22): Advance FREE tickets will be available TOMORROW at NOON right hurrrrr. Use code “HIGHERCALLING” ;)

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EVENT: Cosmic Opera FREE Artist Showcase!

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Well this was unexpected. Apparently, rather than sink from low ticket sales at Act II with Fedde Le Grand earlier this year, the producers of Cosmic Opera have actually extended their group into three divisions, adding Cosmic Concepts and Cosmic Management. The former of which, Cosmic Concepts, has just announced a FREE showcase performance for its newly-acquired talent, including electronic hits Filo & Peri, David Dann, and George Garcia. You’ll still need a ticket, though, available HERE tomorrow, Wednesday the 15th, at 11am!

EVENT: Adrian Lux @ Pacha — free via RSVP!

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While he may look auspiciously emotastic in this cover photo, don’t let it put you off listening to young Adrian Lux‘s amazing remixes, nor attending his FREE upcoming performance at Pacha NYC the night before Otto, Arty, and Alesso take over. RSVP quick for free admission before midnight to the show Friday, July 6th!

★ Adrian Lux – Fire (feat. Lune) (Club Mix)
♬ Adrian Lux ft. The Good Natured – Alive (Extended Mix)
★ Pnau – Solid Ground (Adrian Lux vs Blende Remix)

EVENT: Mad Decent Block Parties — RSVP NOW!

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It’s been almost a full 24 hours since Mad Decent Records launched the RSVP site for their summer tour of the FREE and AMAZING Mad Decent Block Parties, and that means you need to get your butt over to their page PRONTO, before you miss a FREE show with acts like Zed’s Dead, Dillon Francis, or any of the others in their shi-bangin’ group of artists. Plus, it’s outdoors, over the weekend, and on a pier (at least the one in New York) — that’s a good time!!

EVENT: the great, tasty GoogaMooga

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♬ Lee Dorsey – Great Googa Mooga or $

Plug your ears, EDM fans. There’s a new fest in town, and it’s aimed exactly at all you New Yorkers who saw the words “Electric Daisy Carnival” and asked how one would electrify a daisy, exactly. Yes, for all you sophisticats, The Great GoogaMooga music and food fest is hittin’ hipster Brooklyn the very same weekend as the MetLife is scheduled to burst with neon light, May 19th & 20th — though, get this, boasts FREE ADMISSION! And the lineup ain’t half bad either, with The Roots and Holy Ghost! headlining Saturday, and Hall & Oates and Fitz & the Tantrums saved for Sunday. And while tickets to the music and various amusements are FREE TODAY @ NOON, the gourmet offerings teased at in the video above will cost you an “Extra-Mooga” ticket, or $249.50 + fees. Still not bad, considering the unlimited helpings of 75 different foodies, 35 different deeeeelicious microbrewers, and 30 winemakers! Damn shame they overlap…

yolanda mamba

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Also known as Johnson Peterson and Slyvester Martinez, Yolanda Be Cool is probably best recognized by their second single, “We No Speak Americano” (co-produced with DCUP), which sold over 5 million copies and hit number 1 in eighteen countries in 2010! These two songs recently raced to the top o’ the charts with just as much vitesse — ’cause they’re freakin’ amazing too! If you’re in the New York area, come check ’em out for free before midnight TONIGHT at the Yotel on 42nd & 10th! 21+, but 3$ vodka bar from 10-11pm ;)

Latest influences: congas, bongos, tartalet recordings, old school hip hop, zombie disco squad, german saunas, weirdos, coffee…

♬ Yolanda Be Cool – Le Bump (ft. Crystal Waters)
★ Yolanda Be Cool – Foreign Affair (Sample)

meshes perfectly

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If you don’t know Gigamesh, take a listen. To be remixed by this super-producer (half of the DiscoTech team as well) is to take any song, from slow to fast to everything in between, and hear it transformed it into a hip, upbeat, feelgood dancetrack. With his beats flying around the interwebs the second they drop, you’re bound to have heard one of these before — but to me, they’re all winners. I just got ahold of this Theophilus London remix and can’t stop lovin’! More classics below.

♬ Theophilus London – I Stand Alone (Gigamesh Sunlight Remix)

And how’s this for a hot tip: if you like what you hear and live in the area, Sir Gigamesh is spinnin’ at Yotel NYC, December 17th, for FREE till midnight! So download some tunes and get yo’ name on the list!

★ Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks (Gigamesh remix)
★ Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place (Gigamesh Discotech Remix)
♬ Lykke Li – Little Bit (Gigamesh Remix)
♬ Mike Posner – Open Up Your Eyes (Gigamesh DiscoTech Remix)

Hope to see ya there!

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