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July 17th, 2013 (04:43 EST) · Got a Comment?

13-07-17 sound remedy

Though truthfully I can’t pronounce the name of it, Sound Remedy‘s latest masterpiece to be released via SoundCloud is his best yet. The L.A. deej has always had a crazy talent for electro music, but this is his best yet. After the insanely beautiful, sweeping, trance-like opener of the synths and strings we’ve come to love him for, he plunges straight downward into the hellish sexy-dirty depths of trap around the 2-minute mark. Then, after the dirty beats end 30 seconds later and the melody reblooms, he takes it to the territory where he truly outshines the competition – dub. The swirling synths and booming harmonies all converge at 3’17” to create the most endorphin-releasing next minute and a half of your life.

Yes, you could say I enjoyed this one.

★ Sound Remedy – Chiaroscuro

PS He wrote the “I love you” in the comments, not I. Cherry on top.

PPS His website is awesome.



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