two glorious new EPs

December 1st, 2012 (12:42 EST) · Got a Comment?

These babies are just too good. In the span of one week, we were treated to an Extended Play (EP) from two insanely good electronic artists, U.S.’s Minnesota and Canada’s finest, OVERWERK. Both Minnesota and Overwerk continue to experiment with their craft — part electronic, part dubstep, part drum ‘n’ bass, mostly indescribable — taking slow-tempo rhythms and building masterpieces out of carefully articulated bells and whistles (not literally). Minnesota’s Altered States has a more otherworldly feeling to it (I swear some of the sound effects sound like spaceships flying overhead), while Overwerk’s aptly-titled After Hours adds a spooky side to his unmercifully grinding beats. Take a listen, send some love, then get Minnesota and Overwerk’s entire albums FREE from the source to hear the rest!

♬ Minnesota – Tokyo
★ OVERWERK – Daybreak

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