EVENT: we three swedes — sold out! [updated]

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Update (6/25): Tickets are sold out!

After Alesso’s invite to his 21st bday July 7th, I really started getting into my love for swedish house music returned in full fore. Predicted these two would join Mr. ‘Lesso, and so happy they are! There’s no party without Arty !! And Otto‘s the shiz too! (Only SIXTEEN!!) Go get your tix and dance on the beach before it sells out! Sold out!


♬ Alesso – Clash (Original Mix)
★ Alesso – Years (Vocals Mix)


★ Arty, Mattise & Sadko – Trio (Original Mix)
★ Arty – Open Space (Original Mix)

Otto Knows

♬ Otto Knows – Million Voices

Must-Have Mash
♬ Otto, Zedd, & Tim Mason – Million Stars Come Out (Goliat Mashup)

P.S. Check out my Agenda for other certifiably awesome shiz to do ’round town!

what the mash ?!

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Had to share these two. Completely unexpected pairings, completely wonderful results. First, a mash of Prodigy’s anthemic “Smack My B*tch Up” and Enya’s epic “Orinoco Flow”; then Flo gets down with the Pharcyde courtesy of Break Science…

★ Prodigy vs. Enya – Smack My Bitch Up/Orinoco Flow
♬ Break Science – Flocyde (Florence + the Machine & The Pharcyde)

For the record, I googled “shrugging” to make that header.

how to command a room, by Arty

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I have a list of favorites, I do. I’m by no means organized enough to share said list with you, but if I were to create such a list, let me say without a doubt, Arty would be on it. Check ze arty-archives (lol) for more of his stuff; all of it gives off this unearthly aura I just adore. You hear his music among the thousands for which it’s routinely played, and you feel incredibly, impossibly tiny — but at the same time unbearably important in the overall production, a piece of something much, much bigger. So enjoy a preview of his latest release, aptly titled “Open Space”, followed by an extraordinary mashup of his song with Mat Zo, “Rebound,” by up-and-comer masher Ken Loi.

♬ Arty – Open Space Preview
★ Arty & Mat Zo vs. GTA (ft. Zashanell) – U & I Rebound (Ken Loi Mashup)

+1 for adorableness.

MIX: that’s mashed up

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Okay, this one’s been in the works for quite some time now… a whole mixtape of MASHES! A series of brilliant homages to our favorite indie and pop songs.
Or as individual files…

♬ HOHME – Eagle Eyes (Kaskade vs. Sander Van Doorn vs. Adrian Lux vs. Mindy Gledhill)
★ The White Panda – Turn Marvin Gaye Down (Big Sean vs. Kaskade vs. Le Castle Vania)
♬ Arty & Mat Zo vs. The Temper Trap – Sweet Rebound (Michael Brun Mashup)
★ Eric Prydz vs. The Wanted – Glad You Came 2Night (Fero vs. Dzeko & Torres Edit)
★ The Jane Doze – Call Me Skrillex J. Robinson (Skrillex x Porter Robinson x Carly Rae Jepsen x Jessie J)
♬ Porter Robinson vs. Coldplay – Every Language is a Waterfall (TeeTs & Henry Fong Mashup)
♬ Diplo & Oliver Twizt vs. Corona – Go Rhythm (Adrian Villaverde Mashup)
♬ Thomas Gold (feat. Pendulum, R3HAB, & Swanky Tunes) – Island of Gold (Basic Physics Bootleg)

★ NilsOfficial – Don’t Stop Walking On A Dream 2012 (Foster the People vs. Empire of the Sun vs. Fareoh)

mashup mercredi

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Hi, my name is scubaSteve, and I’ve been a longtime mashup addict. I know they’re cheesy, but dammit if I can’t stop nodding my head to one cooked just right. It’s like some kind of uber-song, irresistable. Well anyway, enjoy my nonsense, and moreover, enjoy these tunes…

★ DubMash Productions – Don’t Stop Jagger (Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera vs. Foster the People)
♬ No Pets Allowed – Papercuts and Night Shades (Cobra Starship vs. Gym Class Heroes vs. Ken Loi)
♬ Scrab – Rock This World Like Dynamite (TheFatRat, Avicii ft. Sia, Taio Cruz, Shakira, Gotye)

‘werks like magic

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You’ve heard me gush about the head-spinnin’ synth-genius Overwerk plenty of times before… but I’m gonna do it again. The 23-y.o. is just too cool: his latest release, a remix of Hyper Crush’s “Work Me”, begins its Overwerk transformation by 45 seconds. Once you’ve hit that point, there’s no return; your hands have to go up, your head nods, and a smile slides on.

★ Hyper Crush – Werk Me (OVERWERK Remix)

Some other awesome Werks: a remix of Mac Graham’s “Midnight” (the official remix for the song), and the beautiful mash of Overwerk and Ellie done by The Jane Doze in “Guns and Contact”… Enjoy!

♬ Mac Graham – Midnight (OVERWERK Remix)
★ The Jane Doze – Guns And Contact (Ellie Goulding vs. Overwerk)

mashdubstepup [updated]

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Jeremy Johnson (Placido) and Laurent Lupidi (Loo) met in 1999 after several years of touring and studio recording as a drummer and bassist in different popular French bands (ie Portobello Bones, Satellites, No One Is Innocent, Oui Oui). Now they’re together making mashups that wobble all over in the most fantastic of ways…

♬ Loo & Placido – Rigby Dubstep (The Beatles vs Doctor P vs BAR 9 vs DOES IT OFFEND YOU YEAH?) added!
★ Loo & Placido – Future Sound (Gorillaz vs. Nero vs. Knife Party vs. Bassnectar)
♬ Loo & Placido – Watch Out Roxanne (The Police vs. Habstrakt vs. Doctor P vs. Roksonix)

EVENT: killin’ killin’ton

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♬ Madeon – Pop Culture

Despite this just-teased trailer for the SnowMont Music Festival set to take place at the end of the month at Killington Ski Resort in Vermont, it seems the festival has been officially cancelled due to lack of interest. Incredibly sad news, though not entirely unexpected after several artists leaked they couldn’t make it and promotion got off to a slow start. Full refunds will be made automatically to all those who already bought tix; just hoping you can get the same courtesy from hotel and condo bookings… =(


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mistermike‘s no new favorite, but this compilation of Skylar Grey tracks takes it above and beyond. I can’t get enough of “Invisible”, “Coming Home”, nor “Room for Happiness” — hearing the three of them intertwined perfectly…unreal.

★ Mistermike – Skylar Grey (Mistermike Medley)

Some other perfect mistermike’s. Sounds like a candy…

♬ Kaskade – Eyes (Mistermike Remix)
♬ The Weeknd – Rolling Stone (Mistermike Remix)

living the club life

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Couldn’t find much about the mysterious Daniel Bailey here, but Tiësto featured both of these impressive mixes in his most recent edition of Club Life this past Sunday…for good reason. This first mash does such a good job pairing the highs of the Leona Lewis chorus with the even higher chorus of Otto Knows’ big hit, I get goosebumps… Enjoy those originals, too; they’re worth it!

★ Otto Knows vs. Avicii – Seek a Million Voices (Daniel Bailey Mashup)
Original: ♬ Otto Knows – Million Voices (Original Mix)
♬ Walden vs. Wynter Gordon – Dirty Brightness (Daniel Bailey Mashup)
Original: ♬ Walden – Brightness (Original Mix)

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