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NB: Please welcome miz GLaydee to the hard-syncing team!

In 2007, Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom merged in an amazing allegiance that came to be known as producer-duo Nadastrom. With their wildly-popular Moombahton Massive events each month at the local U Street Music Hall, these moombah afiociandos have earned their keep. This track made the rounds this festival season, but its tribal vocals and hypnotic drop make me twerk it to the floor everytime.

★ Nadastrom – I!!

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PREMIERE POST: one damn hard summer

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NB: Please welcome miz MCMC to the hard-syncing team!

In early August I spontaneously bought a ticket to Los Angeles and made my way to Hard Summer Music Festival. It ended up being one of my favorites — I was blown away by the production, organization, and every one of the artists. The following songs are more on the jump-up, big-room dance side of the spectrum, but they are all songs that were stuck in my head at one point or another this summer… Some are favorites from California, others were ones for full-blast subway headbanging. Check it out and enjoy!

♬ Kill The Noise – Roots (Brillz Remix)
This song would not get out of my head after I heard Dillon Francis open his set with it at Camp Bisco. This remix’s slow start is something different, but leads into a heavy hitting bassline that makes you want to get up and dance.

★ Clockwork – BBBS (Original Mix)
This song’s vocal sample and “big room” sound is infectious. Clockwork is taking the scene by storm, with two new singles released by Mad Decent this summer and a tour with Dillon Francis this fall.

♬ Birdy Nam Nam – Goin’ In (Skrillex Going Down Remix)
The Birdy Nam Nam remixes started leaking at the beginning of the summer before the OWSLA-signed DJ group released their EP, but this one stands out as a favorite… Its slower tempo makes for a unique remix that fits in perfectly in live sets.

★ Zedd – Shave It (501 Remix)
The guitar chord progression in this completely transforms the Zedd original. I’m warning you guys now, This OWSLA signed Finnish producer is about to make a huge splash in the dance music scene.

what did interrupting dj cow say? moooombahton

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♬ Florence + the Machine – Shake It Out (VOODOO FARM Moombahton Remix)

Skrillex was one of the biggest highlights of this year’s Ultra Music Fest. His set comprised so many of his classic and newfound wonders — remixed, dubstepped, moombah’d… it was just one continuous, flowing machine of beats. I’m not sure if he actually played the following, but it sure sounds good.

★ Skrillex (ft. Sirah) – Kyoto (Dotcom Moombahton Bootleg)

Bingo Players rig the decks [updated links]

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♬ Bingo Players – Cry (Just a Little) (Original Mix)
— MOOMBAH version here

Well wouldja look who else is visiting… Paul Bäumer and Maarten Hoogstraten! Hehe… BINGO PLAYERS! In case you haven’t Bingo Players heard these crazy kids, check out their fun-as-hell promo vid above. Then download these bangers, and quick snatch up a ticket to Pacha for March 9th!

★ Bingo Players – Mode (Original Mix)
♬ David Guetta ft. Kid Cudi – Memories (Bingo Players Remix)

time for another chilled out beach post

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This may be the chillest music I’ve downloaded in a long time.. and what a perfect time to be found. A sick dubby remix of “Is This Love” and a moombah speed-up of Dr. Dre’s anthemic bootyshaker. Island life couldn’t be sweeter…….

★ Bob Marley – Is This Love (Lojik Remix)
♬ Dr. Dre – Still California (Wick-it Moombahton Remix)


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Moombahton is the ish. Yet despite its first-glance simplicity — and the fact you really can’t get sick of a favorite song spun to a solid samba beat — the good tracks are few and far between. So at long last, I present to you another installment in a quickly rising favorite genre. MOOMBOMBS AWAY!

♬ Delorean – Stay Close (Dave Nada Moombahton Remix)
♬ Kaskade and Adam K – Raining (ft. SunSun) (TABS Lets Get Bleepy Moombahton Remix)
♬ The Knocks – Dancing With The DJ (Xaphoon Jones Moombah Edit)

moombah fire [updated]

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Moombahton is slowed down electronic music, at about 108 beats/minute. It started with a kid DJ Dave Nada (now of Nadastrom fame) remixing Afrojack’s “Moombah” a little more slowly, causing his party to go topsy-turvy in love. The trend to slow it down quickly caught on and the relaxed, samba beat DJs are giving these formerly-rushed and digitally-quickened rhythms is perfect for turning our favorite pop tunes into even more danceable jams.

Really meant to send this out in time for your Saturday night (sorry Alex!) but was dancing my ass off at Fall Massive… (holy crap, recap to follow). For now, moombah onnn!

♬ Bingo Players – Cry (Just A Little) (gLAdiator Remix)

♬ Robin S – Show Me Love (Morrison Remix)

oh, canada !

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A big thanks to my buddy Keylime, at, for tuning me into this adolescent hipster duo. Autoérotique, the team of Toronto-natives Keith Robertson and Dave Henderson, produce some crazy stuff. Self described, after starting “as indie band producers, they hop-scotched over to dance music after receiving a marijuana-lubricated epiphany to Groove Armanda’s first album at the tenderized age of 17—only to be swallowed whole by the city’s burgeoning dance scene.” Quite a story, fellas.

♬ Autoérotique – Turn Up The Volume (Torro Torro and Billy the Gent Remix)

The reason I post this?  Well if there’s anything you should know about me by now it’s that I’m a sucker for high-definition slow-motion capture; completely hypotized; sh*t’s amazing.  So combine this vid with the moombahton kick I’ve been on and I was sold on the spot when I heard the remix.  Honestly even more amazing is Keylime’s find of the Autoérotique remix to Tiësto’s new “Work Hard, Play Hard”– a seriously masterly work. (And agreed, so much better than the original!)

★ Tiësto – Work Hard, Play Hard (Autoérotique Groove Remix)

shake your moombah !

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premiere post!

After digging around a bit, I discovered the ‘moombahton’ genre originates to a DJ who slowed down Afrojack’s Moombah and added a reggaeton-style beat. Kid was twenty and doing it for a friend’s house party.

♬ Adele – Set Fire to the Rain (Sazon Booya Moombahton Remix)

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