EVENT: Sufjan Stevens comes caroling

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This isn’t the type of music I typically write about, but I can’t help but share my love for Sufjan Stevens. The Detroit-native studied at the prestigious Interlochen Arts Academy, then Hope College, and eventually attained an MFA at The New School. But besides his impressive resume, Sufjan (which means ‘comes with a sword’ in Persian and Arabic) writes, sings, and plays more instruments than you can count on your fingers — oftentimes playing the parts of his pieces himself, overlapping the recordings and merging them into one painstakingly-tedious, beautiful work of art.

This year, the usually quiet and inconspicuous Sufjan announced a tour titled, “The Sirfjam Stephanapolous Christmas Sing-A-Long Seasonal Affective Disorder Spectacular Music Pageant Variety Show Disaster” (tickets after the jump!) to promote the expansion of a 2006 album, “Songs for Christmas: Vols. 1-5”, this part entitled, “Silver & Gold”, to be released by his label Asthmatic Kitty Records November 13. Here are some of my favorites of his previously-released carols, followed by some super-sweet mixes… So be sure to catch him live — it’s a lucky chance!

★ Sujfan Stevens – Sister Winter
♬ Sufjan Stevens – Amazing Grace

Can’t get over how good the Shigeto mix is…and always diggin’ the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!

★ Sufjan Stevens – Futile Devices (Shigeto Remix)
♬ Sufjan Stevens vs. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps To Chicago (Radioface Edit)

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they just want you to smile and laugh

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The tweet-happy producer-duo Markus Garcia and Jerome Potter, aka LOL Boys, have recently announced a split, after four years of awesome production. Jerome announced on Facebook that the LOL Boys were going on a hiatus to take time to work on their solo craft, but as a parting gift to their devoted following, the Boys released a whole package of edits in a glorious 40-minute mix for The Fader. This edit of Avicii’s “Levels” is outrageously fresh, as well as this cut of “Call Me Maybe”…

★ Avicii – Levels (LOL Boys Edit)
★ Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe (LOL Boys Edit)

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stacks on deck

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Enjoy these sweet twists to throwback fave rap classics… happy late night/early morn!

★ Anya Marina – Whatever You Like (T.I. Cover)
♬ Jenny Owen Youngs – Hot In Herre (Nelly Cover)

dubstep in bloom

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♬ MitiS – Brings Renewal

For my two hundredth post… Fall in love with the amazingness that is MitiS, a Classical pianist from Pennsylvania who crossed over to the electronic/dubstep scene after celebrated performances at Carnegie Hall, NYC and the Kimmel Center, Philadelphia.

I just wanna share good music, have it be through performance or a small, simple social setting. Music is what I do, I wouldn’t change that for anything. Have it be a Chopin piece playing in a hall, or a dirty bass kickin’ the club’s ass, I’m down for either”.

I wholeheartedly appreciate your philosophy, good sir.

★ MitiS – Life Of Sin
♬ MitiS – Parting

another belgian delight

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♬ Oddisee – The Blooming or $

Belgium’s ZBS Studio reached out to Mello Muisc Group about permission to do a video for Oddisee’s “The Blooming”. The resulting marriage of visual storytelling & instrumental perfection is a narrative work that tells the story of time’s passage in the life of a boy. The video was directed, shot, & edited by Tomasz Cibulla and Wojciech Drożdż of ZBS Studios in Belgium.

these beats were made for walkin

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♬ Gorillaz (ft. Andre 3000) – DoYaThing

Posted this sweet little collab between Gorillaz and the glorious Converse to the SyncHarder Vimeo a little while ago… glad it finally made it’s way over to the main site.

yolanda mamba

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Also known as Johnson Peterson and Slyvester Martinez, Yolanda Be Cool is probably best recognized by their second single, “We No Speak Americano” (co-produced with DCUP), which sold over 5 million copies and hit number 1 in eighteen countries in 2010! These two songs recently raced to the top o’ the charts with just as much vitesse — ’cause they’re freakin’ amazing too! If you’re in the New York area, come check ’em out for free before midnight TONIGHT at the Yotel on 42nd & 10th! 21+, but 3$ vodka bar from 10-11pm ;)

Latest influences: congas, bongos, tartalet recordings, old school hip hop, zombie disco squad, german saunas, weirdos, coffee…

♬ Yolanda Be Cool – Le Bump (ft. Crystal Waters)
★ Yolanda Be Cool – Foreign Affair (Sample)

unbelievably big; gigantic even

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★ Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar (Big Gigantic Remix)

What the hell?! Nobody told me Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic was an amazing dj AND saxophonist ?! Though we missed most of the amazin’ Adventure Club, when BG hit the stage for the last stop on their tour this past Sunday at Webster Hall, the energy went through the roof… Definitely did not give this guy enough credit in my last post. Takin’ a closer listen…

♬ Wiz Khalifa – Black And Yellow (Big Gigantic + Samples Remix)
♬ Chiddy Bang – Opposite Of Adults (KIDS) (Big Gigantic Remix)


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This quirky little tune by the mysterious dj Odjbox has been bouncing around in my library for quite some time now…

★ Odjbox – Birmingham

Odjbox’s got two EPs up for grabs on Odjbox.com (read: free), worth checking out! Here are two other particular favorites:

♬ Odjbox – The Only One
♬ Odjbox – Otto Croy

Wait wait wait… he’s even done a konky remix of J5?! NICE.

♬ Jurassic 5 – Golden (ft. Haynes) (Odjbox Remix)

take it down a funkin’ notch

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OOF. I dunno who thought Mondays were the worst; to me it’s always been Wednesdays, that “hump day” of the week, where you’re exhausted but still have 48 hours ahead of you to fight through. Some of us are in finals, some of us are at our final wits, and all of us can’t wait for it to finally be over and given vacationary leave. But while stuck in the meantime, pent up working to meet deadlines, striving for that end-of-year bonus, writing dissertations, whatever the case… as a favorite cuz of mine recently put it, “the proverbial fecal matter has come into contact with an oscillating blade”. So everybody, stop for 30 seconds, and take a deeeeeeep breath. Then hit play on these sweet de-stressing funk remixes! Good luckkkk!

♬ Ray Charles – What’d I Say (Bobby C Sound TV Remix)
★ Hall & Oates – You Make My Dreams (DJ Wood remix)
♬ Glenn Miller – In The Mood (Funk Ferret & Good Groove Remix)

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