Pogo + Human Rights Day = World Smiling

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♬ Pogo & U.N. – Celebrate Human Rights

In all the hustle and bustle, I completely forgot the draft I’d started for this post. The United Nations declared December 10th Human Rights Day (without realizing it was already a favorite holiday — my friend DiDi’s birthday!!), and Pogo, aka Nick Bertke, amazing kid remixer from down-undah, put together this adorable collage of our inherent rights.

Pogo’s remixes are unique in that he takes short, nearly indistinguishable audio samples of movies, television shows, or, as in this case, real-life video, and adds a simple, solid backbeat to create a beautifully refreshing look back at what we’ve created and captured on film. An entirely unique type of music, he even enjoyed success touring (here in NYC at the Highline Ballroom earlier this year!)…until being arrested, banned, and deported for improper visa filing…oops! Regardless, boy’s talented as heck and the jailtime was only a slight slow-down in his continually amazing creative flow. Here are a few more of my favorite tunes!

★ Whisperlude
— Based on A Little Princess

♬ Mellow Brick Road (Blue Mix)
— Based on The Wizard of Oz

girl’s crazy…in a good way

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♬ Yelle – Comme Un Enfant

After a MySpace discovery in 2005, Yelle — aka frenchies Julie Budet, GrandMarnier (Jean-François Perrier) and Tepr (Tanguy Destable) — blew up with their electro-pop bangers, “A Cause de Garçons” and “Je Veux Te Voir”. With the release of their latest album, Safari Disco, the group has been met with more and more success (playing this Thursday and Friday in NYC!), in part due to their totally wacky videos. Below, find Tepr’s sick remix of their hit, and an incredible mashup of several artists based on Yelle’s beats by none other than Afrojack (we think?). Profites-bien!

♬ Yelle – A Cause Des Garcons (Tepr Remix)
★ Afrojack – Replica (Daft Punk Vs. Yelle Vs. Katy Perry Vs. Bloc Party Vs. Major Lazer)

Coeur de Pirate stole my heart

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♬ Coeur de Pirate – Adieu

This fille is so freakin’ talented. Ever since “Comme des Enfants” snuck its way into the Etats-Unis last year to reach top Billboard fame, Mademoiselle Béatrice Martin’s popularity has only grown and grown, reaching huge recognition for an artist most probably can’t understand. It’s her soft, sweet voice, hiding the bite of her strong lyrics, that just forces your attention. Not that her infectiously-smiling, beautiful French face doesn’t help keep her in your head.. You can’t really tell if she’s a naïve little girl, or a completely self-aware femme…a mysterious allure at which the French are masters. Though I suppose this video settles that question! Can’t wait for her gorgeous voice to reignite the airwaves again some more. Ecoutes-bien!

a part of me apart from me

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There’s no concrete explanation, but I’m a hardcore francophile; love the language, the food, the music, even the people and their funny mannerisms. So I always tear up feel the need to share whenever I discover another beautiful capture of my favorite city…Paris.

In this short film (part of a series of seven I highly recommend continuing), the first gorgeous thirty seconds focus primarily on Sacré Coeur, from a view almost identical to the one I had from my French host family’s apartment while I lived there in Paris. Shot by two self-proclaimed ‘novice’ kids who spontaneously dropped into Paris to shoot without any sort of formal goal or direction, the work they achieved is, well, pretty unbelievable till you see it. Ah, mes souvenirs…

Unfortunately, the one thing the clip lacks is actual french music! If you happen to speak french or enjoy foreign music, then try these on for size..

♬ Guillaume Grand – Demande au Vent
★ Guillaume Grand – Toi et Moi

Bon dimanche tlm :]

upward-facing cat?

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The weather’s bizarrely nice, so I took the opportunity to do quick some yoga outside, and pretend I was at the beach… eff mondays.

★ Coldplay – UFO (Keljet’s Hawaiian Remix)
♬ Apollo Sunshine – Breeze Thanks to Jules!!


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♬ Woodkid – Iron

This video is so cool– slow-motion shots of ferocious beasts and ever more vicious-lookin’ humans, snarlin’, slinging mud at Agyness Deyn, and getting pounced on by the “smoky Death Eaters of Harry Potter”, as my sister called them.

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