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★ The Hood Internet – Ignition (1901 Remix) (R. Kelly vs.

Okay, so my initial reaction was more like, “Oh my god, no”. But then I heard the Hood Internet’s re-mash of the crazy ‘ish that went down a little over a week ago at California’s Coachella music festival when R. Kelly burst onto the stage of none other than beloved indie favorite, Phoenix… And now I love it.

Never did I ever think I would add the tag “R. Kelly” to this site…

money money monnnnney

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★ A-Trak & Dillon Francis – Money Makin’ (Original Mix)

Hot track, great vid. Happy days!

double Trouble

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Two totally different kinds of (Coldplay’s) “Trouble” comin’ your way… first up, a sexy dub mix by Brit team Amoss, courtesy of my good friend Keylime of JamzNotJelly.com fame.

♬ Coldplay – Trouble (Amoss Remix)

I’m not usually a big fan of rap, and most of the time it’s got nothing to do with the artist: a song is just too short a time to make something unique enough with a monotonous voice to not be repetitive after a few listenings… The words’ meaning begins to fade and you’re left with a boring backup track. But sometimes, once in a blue moon, somebody defies the odds and makes a mix so original it never gets old. Or at least takes a lot longer. Azad Right‘s got it down with this re-work.

♬ Azad Right – Spiderwebs (Prod. by Jonathan Marquez)

these beats were made for walkin

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♬ Gorillaz (ft. Andre 3000) – DoYaThing

Posted this sweet little collab between Gorillaz and the glorious Converse to the SyncHarder Vimeo a little while ago… glad it finally made it’s way over to the main site.

rapsong, meet the mashup [updated]

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Gonna get mashed up

It’s my humble opinion that the words in songs have little to no real relevance to the overall satisfaction of the listener. You can reach absolutely epic heights with the most basic of choruses, just as easily as a beautifully-worded song falls flat, a disastrous mess. Trashy songs like “I’m blue, abu dee abu di” become world-famous on a daily basis. And what about the entire rap genre, whose elegantly euphemism-laced words are so carefully scripted, yet quickly turn on us, becoming antiquated, monotonous and less and less inspiring. What sticks? The harmonies that chilled our spines; the bass drops that re-synced our heart rhythms; the melodies that forced our mouths to sing when we hardly knew the words. And this is where mashup artists can come to the rescue; with their clever additions of pop melodies and rhythms, they rebuild our discarded treasures into memorable collages of the best.

♬ Field Mob – Georgia (feat. Ludacris)
★ Lil Wayne ft The Fray – You Found How to Love (DJ 21azy Remix)
♬ Musicmatician – Not Romantic (Afrojack x Deadmau5 x Chromeo x Enrique feat. Luda)

Happy 11·11·11 :)

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