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Live stop-motion animation has to be one of the coolest developments in filmmaking. As far as I can understand, the technique is identical to standard animation, except that photographs of things in real-life are used in series to produce the animation instead of drawings– as you can imagine, taking hours upon hours more work. But just check out the results..

♬ Hudson – Against the Grain

Say what you like, but there’s just no denying the strength of these fellas’ talent, and the connection these band-members share was as easily felt seeing them perform live a year or so ago as it is when you listen to the latest of their five albums, Mylo Xyloto. In this vid, not only do they use stop motion but blacklit-neon, my other favorite thing in the world…… well done, boys.

♬ Coldplay – Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

we return to dust

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Burning Man’s always been a bit of an ‘unknown’ to me, despite its ubiquity among those tuned into the festival circuit, but everything i have learned, from friends describing their “amazing experiences” to gorgeous vimeos and youtube highlight reels stumbled across — all of it’s been wholehearted praise, reverence even sometimes, for this bizarre, dusty, desert pop-up metropolis for tens of thousands of hippies (and apparently hundreds of thousands of rusty ol’ bikes) to gather together and participate in a weeklong “experiment in community, radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance”. Basically, a pretty creative, wild party. And for the first time ever, this past June, the event completely sold out! Guess I’ll have to keep my eyes open for tickets this year…..


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It’s tough to ‘stop and smell the roses’. They’re hard to find, sometimes hard to understand, and hard to set aside time for in the hustle and grind of our routines; beautiful details slip us by daily. So come this Thanksgiving, I’m giving thanks for the work of companies like Flip and Adobe, who’ve done such crazy impressive work on personal video development. High-definition video capture, edit, and production is in more creative hands now than ever. So maybe you ran out of the house today, but here, take a minute and watch the remarkable footage of thousands of monarchs making their phenomenal annual migration along the western United States coastline, flying as high as 10,000 feet and as fast as 200 miles per day in some places. FYM. For Your Meditation.

oh, canada !

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A big thanks to my buddy Keylime, at, for tuning me into this adolescent hipster duo. Autoérotique, the team of Toronto-natives Keith Robertson and Dave Henderson, produce some crazy stuff. Self described, after starting “as indie band producers, they hop-scotched over to dance music after receiving a marijuana-lubricated epiphany to Groove Armanda’s first album at the tenderized age of 17—only to be swallowed whole by the city’s burgeoning dance scene.” Quite a story, fellas.

♬ Autoérotique – Turn Up The Volume (Torro Torro and Billy the Gent Remix)

The reason I post this?  Well if there’s anything you should know about me by now it’s that I’m a sucker for high-definition slow-motion capture; completely hypotized; sh*t’s amazing.  So combine this vid with the moombahton kick I’ve been on and I was sold on the spot when I heard the remix.  Honestly even more amazing is Keylime’s find of the Autoérotique remix to Tiësto’s new “Work Hard, Play Hard”– a seriously masterly work. (And agreed, so much better than the original!)

★ Tiësto – Work Hard, Play Hard (Autoérotique Groove Remix)

epic fest recaps

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A good festival recap vid sends shivers down my spine as the memories come flooding back — the friends, the music, the dancing; the weather, the time, the place — suddenly I’m walking the trampled parade-grounds of eZoo once again, hearing the echoes of Afrojack and Armin bouncing across the lawns…

★ Wynter Gordon – Invisible (Kaskade Remix)
♬ Swedish House Mafia – Save The World (Zedd Remix)

Here’s a runnerup Electric Zoo vid. I guess I’m obsessed.

♬ Calvin Harris – Feel So Close (Nero Remix)
★ Shift Four and Dirtyrock – More Unfamiliar ft. David Reed (Original Mix)

While I didn’t attend this festival, it just. looks. EPIC. Paris Hilton guest-DJing?! Okay well that part looks cheesy. But whatever. Next year…

♬ Porter Robinson – The Wildcat


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♬ Woodkid – Iron

This video is so cool– slow-motion shots of ferocious beasts and ever more vicious-lookin’ humans, snarlin’, slinging mud at Agyness Deyn, and getting pounced on by the “smoky Death Eaters of Harry Potter”, as my sister called them.

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